What should I blog about?

A person at a laptop, thinking what to write about

Or what should you not blog about?

This is a very interesting question. It depends on the type of website you have. If it is a personal website, you might want to write freely about anything that interests you. A blog is never wasted. Provided that your website has been set up correctly, every blog you write will notify Google as soon as it is live. Google will then come along and read it and it may well start appearing in search results in a few days or even a few hours, depending on the popularity of your website and the popularity of what you are writing your blog about.

We take the view that, as long as your blog is interesting to at least one other person on the planet (which is statistically almost certain!), it will be fine. If you have a business then it is always worth remembering that people build up trust in your business usually through the people they encounter. Therefore, your blog is an excellent opportunity to enhance your reputation as some who speaks with authority, no matter what the subject matter may be!

Build your own reputation

Your website is your shop window on the world. When you are writing your blog, you are putting yourself on display to everyone, which can make you feel slightly vulnerable in one sense but in another way, it can be an incredible opportunity for people to find out more about you and build up that personal level of trust.

People do business with people they meet, like, know and trust, as the saying goes. Everything you write has value.

Where should you start?

One step you could take first is to write a series of headlines, one headline for each blog. Just start writing ideas. You will find it much easier once you have actually started to do this, I promise! It is a lot easier to write headlines first. Once you have written, say, 10 or 20 titles, pick on one, copy it to a new page and start writing.

You can write about events going on in the news, if they relate in some way to you and/or your business. Once you start this process, your brain will start automatically looking for new information that will inspire the next blog and ideas may come to you at odd times. Make sure you either have a small notepad and a pen or pencil with you at all time or use the equivalent feature on your smartphone. I prefer to use my smartphone because I can dictate faster than I can type and make fewer mistakes!

In another blog, we will look at some ways that you can structure your blog so that it is effective with search engines.

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