The Boss is the best

The Boss is the best

He’s left it a long time, but Sorted’s Hugh Southon has just found out a particular rock legend is to his liking.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S latest album is being hailed as his best ever – which really is a statement and a half given those that have preceded it.

Mind you, I have to be honest and admit that it's the first I've bought, having never been someone who is mad about The Boss.

Letter to You, however, is something else; and it's Bruce at nearly 71, singing songs of ageing and mortality. In truth, it's a beauty.
Born to communicate
Springsteen’s belief system is enigmatic, to put it mildly, having rebelled against his Catholic upbringing as a young man and never making it fully clear since where he stands on Christianity or faith in general.

That's strange given that in a Netflix programme about the making of his new album, he insists that he was born to communicate, declaring it's what he's about and is determined to fulfil.

I can heartily recommend his new al...

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