The big films… all sorted!

The big films… all sorted!

So, we are in the latter part of summer when (in theory) we can still pack up a picnic and head for the beach and enjoy a well-deserved holiday.  Or at least that’s the reality for some!

For others, it’s time to head for a confined, dark place and enjoy a series of flickering images on a big screen! Yes, for film fans, this time of year represents the arrival of the blockbuster – and not even COVID is going to spoil things.

While we wait for the biggest movie of the year – the new Bond – to arrive in September there’s plenty to keep us entertained. And here’s just a sample of what is out there…


This is great fun. We join Emily Blunt, her brother played by Jack Whitehall) and Dwayne Johnson (playing himself and doing a good job at it) on an adventure to find the ‘tree of life’. There’s action and stunts aplenty and the film brings to mind Indiana Jones, The Mummy and Romancing the Stone – all intertwined. A massive hit in the making, this is definitely one to watch.


Not to be confused with a film of the same name, which came out a few years ago, this time around a team of supervillain’s, including Margot Robbie returning as Hayle Quinn, take on…wait for it…a giant talking, walking, malevolent, marauding, starfish. I kid you not!

The film is full of spectacular action, impossible stunts and very little in the way of plot or character development.  If that sounds like your sort of thing, do try and see it on the biggest screen you can.


You know what I just said about The Suicide Squad, well ditto. For the latest film in the incredibly successful franchise is the most over the top yet. 

Actually, I thought this was great fun despite the sheer impossible nature of some of the situations. For example in order to “nudge a satellite” why not just launch a car into space and drive it to the right spot.  Yes – you read that right.


The latest from director M. Knight Shyamalan, famous for delivering twists in his tales. This one is about an idyllic beach at an exotic holiday location. The only problem is that once you get there you can’t get off it (due to an invisible barrier) and then you start ageing – rapidly.


This picture stars Emily Blunt again in a fantastic romp that continues the story of a family battling to survive in a world besieged by vicious, man-eating aliens who see with their ears!  Young Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf in real life, steals the show as she comes to the rescue. A definite one to watch.


This is great fun on a big scale as the film follows the story of how the Avengers' black widow, became, er, a black widow! In truth, there are tremendous action scenes and a good story, making it a hit among fans of the Marvel comic book heroes. And make sure you tune in to Ray Winston’s cockney Russian accent!

Now if that’s not enough to knock your socks off, I don’t know what is. Enjoy!

Andy Godfrey is a film critic for Sorted and a member of the Mark Kermode Appreciation Society.