The Bear truth

The Bear truth

Survivalist, television star, Chief Scout, Sorted contributor and all-round action man Bear Grylls
has been with us from the very start. In this exclusive chat to Editor Steve Legg, Bear talks about his journey with the magazine and Running Wild with Barrack Obama.

You always seem to be working?

I like to stay active. I’ve got so many old injuries but I know I am better when I am in the thick of it. I don’t want to arrive at the end of my life in a perfectly preserved body. That would feel like a waste. I want to scream in sideways saying, “What a ride.” I am proud of it. Sometimes the boys at night will put their hands on my face and feel the wrinkles and crow’s-feet but I like those things. They are gentle reminders of many great adventures.

Can anyone be a survivor? Has everyone got it in them?

Yeah, for sure. Knowledge is just one of many tools for survival, but the real key to it is about heart, the determination to keep going despite the pain and fear. And that ‘neve...

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