Ghoul survivor, 2021-style...

Ghoul survivor, 2021-style...

It's been 37 long years since Ghostbusters first hit the silver screen – and a couple of bodged sequels have done nothing to affect the hope among movie-goers that one day a worthy stablemate of the original classic will be made.
I am pleased to tell you that day has arrived.
THREE AMIGOS: Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis (right) were the stars of the 1984 film.
The wonderful new offering, in cinemas just in time for Christmas, is not only a loving tribute to the 1984 original, but a continuation of that funny and compelling story – as well as introducing a whole new generation of fabulous spectre detectives.

Watching the sequel of any much-loved film can be a worrying experience. Before the opening credits rolled, I asked myself repeatedly: will it be as good; and will it destroy the memory of the original and retain its spirit?

Thankfully, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. For Ghostbusters: Afterlife demonstrates how a great director, production team and...

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