DNA - just an illusion

DNA - just an illusion

Fans of TV show Britain’s Got Talent may remember the 2017  mind-reading finalists DNA who impressed Simon Cowell, the man who notoriously hated magic acts, to comment that they were “incredible”. After losing out in the final, Sorted chats to Darren Sarsby and Andrew Murray to find out what has happened to DNA.

Tell us a bit about life before Britain’s Got Talent

Andrew: I was a magician, doing corporate events, all stuff for adults.

Darren: I did that as well but was predominantly a children’s entertainer. I did that for about 15 years. We became friends about seven years ago and decided we wanted to create something quite unique, something that other magicians and people in the magic world weren’t performing. So, we came up with a mind-reading, telepathy act, something that was totally unique to us, and we found it very hard to sell it to people. It’s very hard to explain it, we’re like magicians but also like mind-readers and we do something different t...

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