BBQ king’s ‘food for thought’

BBQ king’s ‘food for thought’

Widely regarded as the ‘king of the barbeque’, Marcus Bawdon is urging Britons to become outdoor eating converts.

The author, whose books and social media commentary on the subject have gained him a significant following in the UK, is hoping many will try their hands at the American smokehouse style this summer – with ribs, brisket and pulled pork becoming, he believes, favourite dishes in the months to come.

‘I think the whole outdoor cooking scene is going to see huge growth over the next few years,’ says Bawdon. ‘Lots of people are building outdoor kitchens and shacks to enable them to BBQ more, no matter the weather.

‘The most popular meats people are looking to cook in 2021 are briskets and big Tomahawk steaks, which are fun, tasty, and bring a bit of BBQ theatre.’

Last year, over the endless days spent at home, outdoor cooking and al fresco dining became an increasingly popular trend, so much so, that according to research, it actually boosted the UK barbecue market year-on-year by £12.4 million and saw a 391% increase in the amount of BBQs Brits had during April 2020 alone.

Added the Devon-based father-of-three: ‘As far as cooking trends come, I think the Argentine open-fire and hearth cooking is going to become increasingly popular as people hanker for something more than the traditional BBQ style of food.’

Looking ahead, Marcus Rawdon’s five top cooking tips for a successful 2021 are:  

  • Try moving away from the standard burgers and sausages and challenge yourself to different BBQ recipes such as pulled pork, BBQ ribs, or the king of the BBQ steaks, the tomahawk steak;
  • Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be just about the traditional BBQ, why not bring a taste of Italy to your garden and invest in a pizza oven;
  • Be fussy when picking your ingredients and source locally if you can;
  • Make sure your meat is cooked to perfection by using a wireless meat thermometer;
  • Accompaniments are important too. Take time to research what flavours compliment your main dish.

Report by Tony Yorke