Embracing life lessons

Embracing life lessons

The last few months have taught Miles Protter some valuable things – and one of the biggest has been recognising the value and importance of relationships.

ABOUT A YEAR ago when, like so many others, my work dried up, I went from being productive, busy and ‘out there’ to someone who was unable to do very much at all.

My sense of my own value and identity has always been wrapped up in success and what I do, so with only that measure to define my self-worth, I felt useless and unwanted. The Western-achieving culture we live in only reinforces that message. And even though so many others were in the same boat as me, it didn’t make me feel any better.

Then something remarkable happened.

To my surprise and delight, friends and relatives I hadn’t spoken to for months, if not years, started talking to each other and inviting me along. Video calls sprang up all over the world. I started communicating regularly with my brothers in Canada, on a family history project to find ...

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