Still in the fast lane

Still in the fast lane

Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button is still in the fast lane. Stuart Weir reveals all.

Jenson Button is a member of an exclusive club, one of only 13 men to have been Formula 1 World Champion. In a career lasting 17 years he has driven in 306 Grand Prix, achieving 50 podium finishes and 15 wins. His career started with the Williams team, followed by time with Benetton, Renault, BAR, Honda, Brawn and McLaren. In 2009 he was World Champion. That year Button also finished second to footballer Ryan Giggs in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

Like so many F1 drivers, Button started in karting at the age of eight, achieving early success before progressing to car racing in Formula Ford and Formula 3, getting his chance in Formula 1 in 2000 with the Williams team. He was clear from an early age about the direction he wanted his life to take, commenting: ‘My school reports always used to point out that my concentration levels were appalling. I never listened in class becau...

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