Welby condemns male 'sin'

Welby condemns male 'sin'

Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury and most senior cleric in the Anglican Church, has joined a growing army of politicians and community leaders in speaking out in the wake of Sarah Everard’s brutal murder.
The 33-year-old’s remains were found in woodland in Kent towards the end of last week – an act that has clearly moved the Archbishop.

He has taken to Twitter, where he has posted several messages to almost 160,000 followers.

In his latest Tweet, published at the weekend, he said: ‘I am heartbroken for the family, partner and friends of Sarah Everard, and all those whose lives she touched. They are in my prayers. May they know the suffering God alongside them in this unimaginable pain.

‘Testimony after testimony from women over recent days have shown us something we have known and ignored for far too long: the profound impact of the sin of male violence, intimidation, harassment, sexism and abuse carried out against women.

‘It is these sins – and the culture that...

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