Vinyl's still doing it for me

Vinyl's still doing it for me

Hugh Southon is Sorted’s very own retro man. He’s got football shirts dating back to the year dot and a revived passion for 45 and 33 rpm records that 'crackle' when you play them.

THERE WAS a time when playing music was a big event for me – and thankfully a vinyl revival is ensuring this is again becoming the case.

In my house, the record player and a collection of albums is possibly the most treasured of all my worldly possessions.

My decision to start collecting again was an accident. I passed a shop, where for the first time in ages I saw vinyl; I went in and was immediately transported back to my earlier years when fabulous album artwork and inserts were par for the course.

And I have never looked back.

Since then I've picked up some long lost albums, and the collection I've amassed will be worth more than a few quid to my daughters when I eventually pop my clogs.

Record player technology evolved in the 1970s and remained relatively stable for half a cent...

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