Top ‘prank’ city revealed

Top ‘prank’ city revealed

April Fool’s Day has arrived – and the Sorted team hopes you have taken all the japes, jokes and shenanigans in good humour?

The clever people at also enjoy a good laugh, so much so that this time round they got their researchers to find out which city boasts the greatest number of pranksters.

By analysing Google search volumes from the past three years for a variety of keywords related to pranks, it can be revealed Bolton is the UK’s 'prank capital'. Apparently, the equivalent of 13.84 joke and pranks searches are made by every 1,000 residents on April Fool’s Day.

Not far behind are the Scots, who have always been known for their great sense of humour. It seems the land that gave us William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and The Krankies also enjoys a good joke on 1 April – with Glaswegians the UK’s second biggest pranksters in the UK (with a 10.95 search rating).

The Northern Irish are also active participants in mischief and mayhem, easily making the top three.

Fake snake pranks

When it comes to particular types of pranks, some cities have very distinct favourites.

For example, the people of Reading are most likely to be fooled by their colleagues, while relatives and boyfriends can expect to receive a host of food-related pranks.

Fake dog poo and Facebook jokes are the top ways people from Bournemouth have a laugh at the expense of their friends.

Meanwhile, if you fear snakes, it better not to be in Aberdeen, for the city has the highest search volumes for fake snake pranks in the UK on April Fool’s. Boyfriends are also at serious risk – and it seems anyone could fall foul of creative pranksters from the city who get a real kick out of an array toilet paper pranks. As to what they might be, we will leave it to you imagination.