Time to build a life plan

Time to build a life plan

The world has a funny habit of hitting us hard when we least expect it. And it did just that to Gwyn Williams in 2001 – on the fateful and harrowing day of 9/11.

How many of us have been on journeys with unscheduled stops, trips that have been unexpectedly side-swiped by circumstances – with all the wheels falling off of life’s carriages?

In moments that are out of your control, your world changes.

For me, 9/11 was one of those moments.  I was standing in a pub in London looking at the possibilities of developing a new, themed restaurant chain – only to go back to base and find that our order book had been decimated. 

We went  from jet-setting to hitching a ride home. It was hero to zero in a matter of hours!

Three redundancies ensued over the next 12 months as the ripple-effect ripped through the events and leisure industry. From chauffeur driven cars, I was suddenly pushing wheelbarrows, being a plasterer’s mate and struggling to keep a roof over...

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