Ewan McGregor's values

Ewan McGregor's values

Ewan McGregor talks to Sorted about his belief system, his approach to playing the dual roles of Jesus and Satan, and how his work as a UNICEF ambassador is helping children to survive.

Let’s begin with a sweeping generalisation: successful actors, more so than most other professions, are blessed with broadened minds. They travel the world, inhabiting characters for weeks, months and in some cases years, gaining new perspectives as they invest themselves into foreign cultures, tackling issues and playing out scenarios so we can bear witness to their experiences for our entertainment.

Effectively these people are not just financially privileged but are enriched with experience – and, dare we say, wisdom – most of us can only dream of. They give us glimpses into worlds beyond; they are, perhaps, the world’s best ambassadors for adventure.

Ewan the humanitarian

And none more so than Scottish actor and humanitarian Ewan McGregor OBE. His adventurous, ambitious spirit is infecti...

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