The ‘reverse snip’

The ‘reverse snip’

From firing blanks to conceiving some new life in your leadership

In 1st June this year, I helped a friendly middle-aged woman understand something she’d never figured out:

“Why am I happy donating to children on Comic Relief,” she asked me, when I mentioned working with charities “but when a well-known children’s charity knocks on my door, with pictures of children, I feel the opposite of generous, and want to slam the door?”

I explained that to be generous, her brain needed some level of emotional connection and the fellow at the door – by intruding on her evening – had burned any possibility of that. I was lying on my back and I had an ulterior motive in explaining this to (we’ll call her Carol). An ageing Polish man sat nearby, fiddling with my intimate regions.

The Diazepam® Dilemma

She was the nurse. He the surgeon. I was the patient and I’d been a naughty boy.

If you’ve had a vasectomy, you’ll know you’re meant to take 10mg of Diazepam (another name for Valium)...

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