The path to normality

The path to normality

Hugh Southon is thankful as he awaits Monday’s announcement from the government, which is expected to reveal a gradual easing of Lockdown restrictions – but his gratitude is to a far greater authority than the UK’s scientific and political communities.

ON MONDAY, the Prime Minister is set to deliver what is widely expected to be a timetable that leads to the easing of Lockdown restrictions.

It is almost a year since the pandemic brought chaos to the UK and the rest of the world – with self-distancing, hand washing, glove-wearing, mask-covering – and an unbearable amount of Covid paraphernalia. All of this has made life unbearable.

I remember the evangelist, J John, saying soon after 23 March 2019, that our forefathers were called to war – while we are being called to sit on our settees.

Like many things that come out of his mouth, it is a good line. But it turns out that settee-sitting can be utterly unbearable when the only suitable music at times is Simon and Garf...

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