Sorted 10 years on

Sorted 10 years on

To celebrate Sorted magazine’s tenth birthday, editor and founder Steve Legg chatted with columnist and sci-fi author Alex Willmott about the journey so far.

As I reflect on a decade of Sorted magazine hitting the shelves, I’m reminded of how it all started – with a conversation in the school playground with my accountant, Leigh. I hasten to add that we both had kids at the school and weren’t just meeting there to go through my tax return. He was telling me how his ten-year-old son’s mates were bringing lads’ mags into the playground and we wondered about how great it would be if there was an alternative that was a good read, but didn’t objectify women and tell young men to merely follow their animalistic instincts. He said that you would need to be bonkers to start something in that industry, I thought ‘at last something I’m qualified for’.

I knew it was going against the tide of culture and print sales, and that there were doubters right from the off. But then when I heard some...

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