Taiwan goes sushi-crazy

Taiwan goes sushi-crazy

If you think the British are barking mad and liable to doing weird and wonderful things, think again. For it seems the people of Taiwan can beat anything the crazy Brits can do.
In a bid to get themselves a freebie – in this case an ‘all-you-can-eat sushi meal – scores of Taiwanese have been bombarding government officials with requests to change their name to ‘salmon’.

Why? Because the sushi restaurant chain, Akindo Sushiro, said anyone with the name Gui Yu (which translates to ‘salmon’) on their official ID card can get free food for themselves and up to five friends.

Now the government has issued an SOS pleading with people to stop changing their names, according to local media. Unimpressed officials said the rush is wasting important bureaucratic time.
Salmon-themed names
According to the Taipei Times, applicants pay around $3 for a new ID card and a registration certificate. It discovered one student in Taichung had changed her name to ‘Kuo Salmon Rice Bowl’ but admitted ...

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