Spain best for paid holidays

Spain best for paid holidays

With sunshine not so far away, the thoughts of a break from work are on the minds of many of us right now – even though the prospect of travelling abroad is not yet quite on the radar.

With the desire to put Lockdown behind us, most Brits typically get between four and five weeks of paid leave to put their feet up.

But what about other countries around the world – how do we fare against them?

To be honest, it’s fairly good news, as the majority of Britons can look forward to at least 28 days’ off work on fully pay. And quite a few of us get 33 days (on both counts, this includes bank holidays)

Yet, this pales into insignificance when researchers at the International Citizens Group looked at the entitlement of Spaniards, who get a whopping 39 days – the best allocation of any country in the world.

And not far behind were Austrians (38 days), and Finns and Swedes (36 days).

‘Having a relaxing rest can do wonders for staff productivity, creativity, and problem-solving,’ said Joe Cronin, President of the International Citizens Group.

‘Levels of statutory holiday vary massively around the globe due to different laws and local regulations. It is also worth remembering that different companies offer their employees different holiday perks and alternative days off instead of public holidays.’

At the other end of the spectrum, the US is the only country in the world not to offer employees paid time off work.

Best countries

  • Spain – 39 days
  • Austria – 38 days
  • Finland and Sweden – 36 days

Worst countries

  • United States – no days
  • Canada – 19 days
  • Switzerland – 24 days
  • Japan – 25 days