Ronnie reborn

Ronnie reborn

From his teenage ascent to the top of the snooker world, to his current status as a bona fide legend of the holy baize, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s career has also been marked by a temperamental streak – in and out of the sport. But now, The Rocket says, he’s in a better place than ever.

In every sport, there’s an individual whose natural ability marks them out as a star from a tender age – and in snooker, that precociously talented teen was Ronnie O’Sullivan. From the moment the spiky starlet made his first century break aged just ten, there was a clear path to the pinnacle of professional snooker set out for him. And by the age of 19, the young upstart had won the UK Championship and his first Masters.

But while ‘The Rocket’ – so-named for his speedy playing style – was wowing fans and commentators alike, away from the table his occasionally tetchy temperament was developing too. Ever one to speak his mind, the seven-time Masters winner has often divided opinion. At times, it almost se...

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