Road to somewhere

Road to somewhere

In his time he’s donned military uniform for the Queen and served a prison sentence for theft. Now Paul Cowley’s life has taken a very different path.

Paul Cowley's CV really is that short: thief, prisoner, soldier, priest. After a difficult childhood, he fell into crime, but in his case, his criminal career was short…

Q: What made such a difference?

The army saved my life. If the army hadn’t given me the opportunity of joining up, I think I would have ended up dead or in prison again. The army is an institution and I like institutions: you know where you are with them. They have boundaries, rules, and I needed that in my life. But it couldn’t really prepare me for normal life, so in some ways, (when I left), I was back where I was before, except I was fitter, stronger, more determined and, looking back, quite angry. What I never gained from my military service was a moral code. Morally, I was a nightmare.

Q: But God intervened…

My first encounter with the God stuff was ...

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