Pressures grow on festivals

Pressures grow on festivals

It’s not only the biggest secular events that are feeling the pinch due to the pandemic – as the UK's biggest Christian festivals have today revealed they are also locked in a fight for survival.
In an Open Letter, the leaders of eight annual faith-based events, including Spring Harvest and New Wine, have chosen to highlight the importance of supporting all Christian gatherings for the foreseeable future.

‘We are sensitive to the pain we are all going through in the pandemic,’ says Phil Loose, CEO of the charity that runs Spring Harvest.

‘But in looking forward, Christian events and festivals in the UK have both a legacy that has impacted millions of people around the country, but also a place to gather the church together again. They create a space where we leave our day-to-day routine and where God can impact us radically.

‘Through this letter, Christian event leaders are standing in unity, because we share the same Kingdom goals, to see Jesus glorified and people find fait...

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