PM praises selfless Christians

PM praises selfless Christians

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has for the first time publicly thanked churches for the role they have played during lockdown and recognised the ‘selfless stoicism’ Christians have demonstrated throughout the pandemic.
It has been a hard 12 months for everyone, including Britain’s churches, but Christians have played a major role in keeping communities alive and spirits high – two important facts recognised by the government.

‘I want to say a great big thank you because over the past year or so I have seen over and over again the teachings of Jesus Christ brought to life by people like yourselves: men and women, young and old, right across the UK,’ said Boris Johnson, who will be speaking at the online Christian festival Spring Harvest Home.

The event will run online from Easter Sunday (4 April) until 8 April.

He continued: ‘I’ve lost count of the number of Church leaders and congregations from all denominations, that have stepped up to support not only one another, but also to...

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