Path to stardom

Path to stardom

Hailed as a future Hollywood megastar ever since his indie breakthrough – John Boyega’s talents have placed him front and centre in one of the biggest film franchises in history. But the path to fame wasn’t easy, and the young Londoner isn’t one to make exceptions…

In John Boyega’s latest and biggest cinematic appearances – as the modern Star Wars trilogy’s Finn – the Peckham-born star plays an Imperial stormtrooper who comes to reject his ideologies and instead joins the freedom-fighter Resistance.

It’s not just that this representation of Boyega appears in a galaxy far, far away. The casting off of beliefs is a concept far, far removed from the 27-year-old actor’s real-life core message. ‘I come from a family that has strong faith, and you realise that life is transient, and nothing is more important than inner peace,’ he smiles. ‘I pray and meditate a lot. Money and fame do not have enough power over me to change my personality.’

In spite of being propelled via the ...

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