Northern star

Northern star

For many, including me and my wife, comedian Chris Ramsey first came to prominence in the TV comedy series Hebburn, set in the north-east town of the same name. Hebburn was a huge hit in my household, mainly because it is just down the road from my wife’s hometown of South Shields, a place where we lived for two years. Chris played the eldest son, Jack Pearson, to Vic Reeves’ character in the show a slight pastiche of the region, but it was hilarious and familiar. We have a chat about the fate of the West Park pub in South Shields becoming a local supermarket store, his busy schedule and an unlikely passion. With several TV shows on the air, he is the new host of Virtually Famous as well as his own The Chris Ramsey Show on Comedy Central UK, and a 45-date Is That… Chris Ramsey tour, his career really has exploded.
Would you say that Hebburn was your big break?

I don’t think it boils down to my big break...

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