Movie of the week: Vanquish

Movie of the week: Vanquish

Morgan Freeman plays Damon, a housebound, cold-blooded killer in this money-courier thriller while his motorbiking gopher (played by Ruby Rose), is pressurised onto the dark side as she fears for her daughter's safety.

Shoot-outs, car chases and an awful lot of threatening behaviour follow as the ruthless Vicky (Rose) zips here and there, collecting money from a variety of nefarious types in their dark and grizzly hangouts.

The atmosphere is grimly cold, lacking in anything you might call ‘feel good’, as the threatened Vicky labours on, swapping insults with Damon as he growls his instructions down the wire into her headset.

The whole dangerous undertaking takes place in a single night, the scenes awash with shadows and muted colours. We learn a little about the protagonists; a few bits of back-story here and there; the performances are okay; while the soundtrack is frequently pumping.

At times the action is tense, full of bangs and crashes as Vicky carries out her duties with aplomb. At 90 minutes it moves at a fair pace, so, if you’re looking for some adrenalin-fuelled entertainment, this could be it.

Rating: ˜˜˜˜˜3/5

Available via streaming services from 28 May

Reviewed by Sorted magazine's Dave Hopwood.