Mother's Day: a troubled past

Mother's Day: a troubled past

Tomorrow, many families whose finances are suffering due to the effects of Lockdown and the global pandemic, will struggle to buy their mothers a bunch of flowers to celebrate Mothering Sunday.
If you don't believe me, just speak to the millions of people now relying on foodbanks to put food on their table. They will tell you they can't even afford the cheapest bunch of daffodils, such is their financial plight at the present time.

But the American woman, who created the day just over a century ago, may have been delighted to learn of the difficulties many will face to afford such minimalist celebrations. For Anna Jarvis, who survived many epidemics, was opposed to anything she felt clouded the purity of her original vision. Indeed, such was her opposition to the way big business ‘hijacked’ the day, she even campaigned to have it rescinded!

Anna Jarvis (pictured, above) was one of 13 children, only four of whom lived to adulthood. Her campaign for a special day to celebrate moth...

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