Miscarriage and men

Miscarriage and men

I arrived at the BBC studios in Essex early one Sunday morning ready to do 14 regional interviews that would be broadcast across the UK. I was as prepared as I could be, presuming the questions would be around my upcoming When Faith Gets Shaken tour, which explores what happens when life falls apart and you feel as though God has left you.
Most of the interviews went as expected until one interviewer stopped me in my tracks. “What was it like to lose a baby?” he asked. “Do you struggle to believe In a God of love after that?” He had obviously done a bit of research into my story and discovered that a few years earlier, my wife and I had suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks.

I will never forget the day it happened. We really wanted another child, especially my wife, Diane; the new baby would complete our family. But then Diane started to spot. She wasn’t too concerned at first as this had happened in her previous pregnancy and everything had turned out fine; however, when it continued...

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