Minister's plea to royals

Minister's plea to royals

A Christian minister and charity leader believes the fallout from last week’s bombshell TV interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could pave the way for ‘lasting racial reconciliation’.
The Reverend Alton Bell, who oversees the work of the Movement for Justice and Reconciliation, is urging the monarchy to use the opportunity address historical issues – using models of Christian forgiveness and repentance.

His pleas come after Harry and Megan sparked controversy and fury in the UK and US by levelling allegations of racism at Buckingham Palace and members of the Royal Family.
Show a lead
‘Instead of further denial, surely there should be deep reflection to see if the many accounts of racism, of which this is one, actually have merit, said the Reverend Bell.

‘I would implore the Royal Family to take this opportunity to show a lead by addressing the issues to bring about real and lasting racial reconciliation.’

The Movement for Justice and Reconciliation believes that on...

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