Make or break for Jose?

Make or break for Jose?

Jose Mourinho's managerial career is following a predictable pattern again, and Hugh Southon believes his time at Spurs may finally be running out.

THE SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘Special One’ is always greeted as a hero and grabs some decent results before his team’s start to experience a slide and he begins to offer up morose responses. And then he finally gets the boot!

Special One? Now the fella is simply just ‘another one’ – an out-of-date manager whose antics amuse and annoy in almost equal parts.

As I write, Spurs are in ninth position in the Premier League with a few possible problems getting a public airing.

It's a far cry from the days when Mourinho was seen as the answer to the fans' prayers, although nobody quite remembers why Mauricio Pochettino was give the bullet in the first place.

If you believe the media, Jose's problems all revolve around transfer funds and troubles with hard line-owner Daniel Levy (who will have known problems are never far away from the...

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