Rock of ages

Rock of ages

Twenty-nine years after releasing his debut album, Lenny Kravitz is still letting love rule, but with an eye towards societal strife that continues to go unchecked. The multi-Grammy award-winning musician brings forth a conscious body of work with Raise Vibration (BMG Rights Management UK Ltd), his eleventh studio album. The first single from the Raise Vibration album, ‘It’s Enough’, is a battle cry against corporate greed, political corruption and racism. Kravitz switches gears with his follow-up single, ‘Low’, exploring the perils of his near-mythical sensuality with intonations alluding to his past intimate relationships. For Lenny Kravitz, the art of the story is paramount, while pop music trends are immaterial. He tells stories through his writing, vocals and the multitude of instruments he has mastered over the years.

Musically, Raise Vibration is an eclectic blend of the kind of stylistic rock ’n’ roll-funk sound that Kravitz is known for, with subtle nods to vintag...

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