Keep on keepin on

Keep on keepin on

Pharrell Williams may be a man of many contradictions, but through his music and humanitarian work, not to mention the examples he sets every day in his personal life, he has shown us that just by following your  heart you can inspire a generation.

He’s a music mogul, hip-hop legend, film producer, devoted dad and philanthropist, but if Pharrell Williams can teach us anything it’s that in a world of fragile egos and frail successes, sometimes sticking to your truth and values can be the biggest weapon in your armoury. Having blazed an unprecedented trail of success through the last two decades, he has remained gracious, hardworking and true. Well, perhaps with just a touch of that hip-hop swagger, but who could begrudge him that?

Still, despite his giddying highs, Williams’ career has not been without its low points. There was a period between his solo album In My Mind and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky when he wasn’t just irrelevant, he was nonexistent, and it is through sheer ...

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