Sky's the limit

Sky's the limit

There has surely never been a better time to watch sport on television!

On a typical weekend you can watch at least four offerings from the Premier League, plus a couple from the Championship and Scottish Premier League – not to mention Spanish, German, Italian, French and Dutch live games. And that is only football! With around 20 channels of live TV it is a far cry from my youth when the Cup Final and a couple of England games were the only live football on TV.

Sorted caught up with Sky Sports presenter, John-Paul Davies, to find out what it is like to be part of Sky’s presentation of sport, and what the future holds for us. Davies is currently a Sky presenter – on Good Morning Sports Fans or Sky Sports News at Ten – but he has had a variety of other roles including working on Sky News, presenting Welsh International Football, Rugby Union and the Rugby League World Cup.

His first career on graduating was with the police, but there was always a journalist inside trying to get...

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