Inspired by a thief

Inspired by a thief

There is one character within the Easter story I find more fascinating than any other – with the exception of Christ himself.

Like so many, this man showed faithfulness and humility. Yet his name is unknown to the world.

That seems to be the way of things in the Bible – heroes without names during a time and place very unlike the modern world of today, where everybody has to be a ‘face’!

If you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about the thief on the cross; the wretch who was crucified alongside Jesus, and despite the pain and suffering he endured still recognised Him as the Son of God.

In fact, on Good Friday, the thief appears to know more about Jesus than his disciples, understanding very clearly that he was about to be granted entry to The Kingdom, with all that entails.

Quite how the thief recognised and knew Jesus' reasons for being on the cross are one of the most wonderful mysteries to be found in scripture.

As someone who has a thirst for knowledge, I find myself eager to know how, in the short time they were acquainted, this man became so aware of Christ and his mission, and how he realised that by acknowledging who He was, and repenting, he was assured of gaining entry to a heavenly realm?

While the Bible has many unanswered questions, this is one of several I'd love to know more about.