Hero’s battle

Hero’s battle

Former Welsh Guard Simon Weston is a veteran of the Falklands War. He suffered serious burns to almost 50% of his body when his ship was bombed. Incredibly, he has since become friends with Carlos Cachon, the Argentine pilot responsible for the bombing. This is the second half of a two-part interview in which Simon speaks exclusively to Sorted magazine.

Q: You seem like you’re in a really good place now, but you have had a lot of operations, you suffered from PTSD and there was a time when you were drinking heavily and feeling suicidal. How did you get through that?

There were lots of different things – it was little and big things combined. For instance, people always come into my life at the right time, just when I need it. I’m a very positive person, I always have been, and I’ve always found that the more positive you are, the more people with positivity gravitate to you – and the more receptive they are to your thought processes, desires, and what you’re trying to achieve.


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