Growing up with God

Growing up with God

Life in the spotlight hasn’t always been easy for Nick Jonas. While the music industry is tough and unrelenting, and the acting world makes every participant fair game for discussion and critique, it’s arguably been the pressures of playing the impeccably behaved Christian kid that have weighed heaviest.

But with a new album due and gradual big screen acclaim coming his way, the charming 25-year-old has proven that with hard work, conscience and a little faith, it is possible to live your truth in the public eye.

He isis not the first former Disney alumnus to shirk off his innocent mouse ears and take on a sexy, provocative persona, and he certainly won’t be the last, but the transformation of Nick Jonas from dimple-cheeked boy-bander to muscle-bound leading man is more staggering than most. And the American’s coming of age is particularly noticeable given that the handsome 25-year-old has achieved the ultimate goal of balancing a chart-topping career with a bubbling Tinseltown p...

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