Charity has big UK impact

Charity has big UK impact

A ‘Good Samaritan’ organisation is having a major impact on gun, knife and drug crime in 80 British towns and cities – and, over the next few months, it is set to boost ‘kindness’ and community cohesion in a further 180.

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC UK) brings together community groups, food banks and scout groups from across the country, and links them with like-minded senior leaders from schools, councils, business, voluntary agencies, churches, the emergency services and the NHS.

It then organises local programmes that seek to work in holistic ways that benefit people who are experiencing significant life challenges. This can include crime, family breakdown, loneliness and mental health issues.

And it is now about to triple its reach and extraordinary impact.

‘We have seen a quite extraordinary leap in demand for our programmes since COVID-19, commented Debra Green, who founded the Manchester-based organisation in 2004.

‘We have spent 17 years helping towns and cities across Britain, with excellent results. Now demand is exploding.

‘The formula works, and with all the huge challenges of the coronavirus hitting home, we are finding that areas are increasingly desperate to have what we are offering.’

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