Healing minds to Minister

Healing minds to Minister

David Hall was once a chronic, paranoid schizophrenic. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital on many occasions. Then one day in church he was prayed for and a miracle happened.
David is now nearly 60 years old. He grew up in and has spent most of his life in south-east London and he currently lives in Anerley with his wife, Katie, and one of their two children.

David grew up with ten brothers and sisters. David’s mum was a Catholic and he was brought up in this faith, being baptised and attending a Catholic school.

At the age of 15, David’s mum suddenly gave up her Catholic faith and stopped attending church, and David and his siblings no longer had to either.

Within a short time David suddenly went off the rails, smoking cannabis and getting into petty crime, lying, and sleeping around. He started getting arrested a lot and at one point got sent to a remand home for the short, sharp, shock treatment.

When David was 18 he was kicked out of the family home by his mum an...

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