Top films of the 90s

Top films of the 90s

It is great to debate the best-ever movies – and dissect all things Hollywood in a bid to decide which decade has been the best for cinemagoers.
So far, I have taken a peek at the 70s and 80s. Now it’s the turn of the 90s – an era that wasn’t really the greatest as far as I was concerned, with the exception of one of two outstanding offerings.

Forest Gump was certainly my personal favourite, and I was amazed it did not come out on top by quite a distance.

Titanic, the film that catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to the attention of the world, is of course in the mix. But beyond that, I don't see a great deal to shout about.

Compared to the two decades that preceded it, the 90s comes in as a bronze medal winner for me – and, to be honest, that is pushing it.

Here are the highest-grossing movies of that 10-year period, with a popular Steven Speilberg franchise claiming third and eighth positions.

The biggest films of the 1990s...

Titanic – $1.8 billion

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