Fear has lost its grip

Fear has lost its grip

When Michael Bushby was first told that his cancer treatment hadn’t worked, and he would need stronger chemotherapy for theincurable stage four cancer in his chest, spleen, neck, bone marrow and stomach, he panicked. After drinking a lot of alcohol, he locked himself in his garage, beer in hand, with a rope – ready to hang himself.
His family saved him. ‘If you don’t open this door, we’ll call the police’ shouted his wife, Maria, and his daughters, Helen and Jennifer, joined in.

‘I was angry with God. But I will never forget hearing the voices of my wife and daughters. I came outside the garage and surrendered my life completely to God. I said to him that whatever life I have left, take it and use it for your glory.’

After three sessions of strong chemotherapy, followed by a week in isolation for an infection, Michael was told his ‘incurable’ cancer was in complete remission. And it has left him unafraid of it returning, because of his faith: ‘God works together for the good of ...

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