Covid's spurring us on

Covid's spurring us on

Pubs and restaurants have been devastated during the course of the last 12 months. But two innovative and community-focused Leicestershire businesses have used the pandemic to change their working practices, making them more customer-focussed and COVID-proof. As Louis Mason reveals.

I can’t wait to get back in the pub. The bubbling chatter of friends enjoying the company of one another; the raucous football banter over a cold pint; and, the unbeatable feeling of communal support you get over a game of pool with the locals. You can’t beat it.

The local pub is the real definition of community. It is a safe haven for people to meet up with friends and strangers. It is a place where you can bond over a shared appreciation for socialising, friendship, and relaxation. I think I can safely say the communities we live in are ‘poorer’ because the local hostelry is closed.

Sadly, it is estimated that over 2,500 UK pubs and restaurants closed in 2020.

'So what?' I hear many of...

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