Covid: God 'giving hope'

Covid: God 'giving hope'

While the world is floundering in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Christians around the globe are drawing strength from their faith and their relationship with God.
According to a far-reaching survey published by The Bible Society, 42 per cent of all respondents said that during the pandemic they had experienced an increased sense of hope in God – with 49 per cent of all 45-54 year-olds stating their faith had grown during the last 12 months.

A further 28 per cent admitted their confidence in the future had increased as a result of reading the Bible – and 63 per cent said it had enabled their confidence to remain the same, rather than dropping.

The findings are revealed in a survey commissioned specifically for Bible Society, and carried out by Christian Research.
Neat and organised
Naomi Campbell, a mother-of-two from Jersey who has been shielding throughout the pandemic, said: ‘The verse that has meant a lot to me in all of this is Isaiah 61.3 – You have given me a garment ...

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