Clapton is full of surprises

Clapton is full of surprises

Sometimes the unexpected things life throws at us can put a big smile on our faces.

And that was certainly case when – listening to an Eric Clapton song from his album Pilgrim, released back in 1989 – I found one of our most incredibly talented rock musicians singing about Christ.

I knew it was the case as soon as I heard the opening lyrics, long before he mentioned the word ‘Lord’. And I found it to be a deeply moving moment.

I was once among those who tended to end a discussion when the subject turned to God, and I thought I had good reasons for doing so. But listening to the lyrics, in Eric's case, he describes it thus: ‘You were there in the days of wine and madness when I always put you down.’

Later he appears to describe how he was totally changed, by singing: ‘Without permission, you took the key, climbed the prison walls inside of me.’

These are beautiful words that surely can't be written without the person responsible going through a transformative experience which entirely changed their life?

My encouragement to you is give this great song a listen. Clapton was opining the experiences of so many of us when he recorded this and, from a personal point of view, the tears flow whenever I hear it.