Chris Pratt: Passengers

Chris Pratt: Passengers

Chris Pratt is the type of good-natured, self-effacing gentleman that often seems to be apologising for his success. Not that he doesn’t remember the tough times when he was broke, out of work, homeless and sleeping in his car in Maui while dreaming of becoming an actor. In person, sitting down in front of you in a checked shirt and blue jeans in a posh hotel suite, he is unfailingly polite, enthusiastic, and smiling – he would probably get up and pour you a cup of tea if time allowed.
Today he’s sitting on top of the world as the star of three major film franchises – Jurassic Park, Guardians of the Galaxy and as Harrison Ford’s successor in the upcoming Indiana Jones reboot. His most recent film, The Magnificent Seven, was a box-office triumph, and now he’s about to be seen in the highly anticipated sci-fi drama, Passengers, co-starring Jennifer Lawrence.

“I was excited about this film from the first moment I read the script, and I can’t wait for audiences to see it,” Pratt says. ...

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