Care for the Family

Care for the Family

Strength for today... bright hope for tomorrow
It’s 7.28 p.m. on a Wednesday evening; just two minutes to go until it starts. A few last minute browsers hurry from the bookshop to the main auditorium to join the crowd pushing through the doors to find their seats. As the lights start to dim and the ushers close the doors, all is set for the speakers to take the stage and the evening to begin.

Just a few minutes later, a man sprints up the stairs and bursts into the foyer. After only just finishing a busy day at work, he’s driven hurriedly across the city. He’s not at all sure how this evening will help him be a better dad, but he really loves his son and wants their relationship to improve. Right now, he feels spent, weary, frustrated and almost done.

An usher welcomes him with a smile and an enthusiastic, “Enjoy the event.” He musters a hasty reply, “At my wits’ end.” Not the best greeting, but it’s how he feels. Juggling a demanding job with family life has become more than challen...

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