Building a wall of prayer

Building a wall of prayer

“This is the first time I’ve built a national landmark, so I feel like I’m making it up as I go along,” this tall but modest business leader tells me.

But Richard Gamble, who is also a man of faith – you have to be if you support Leicester City – explains that Donald Trump has nothing to do with his plans to build this wall made up of a million bricks.

“This Wall of Answered Prayer will be built on the side of a motorway like the Angel of the North, which has something like 50,000 people drive past it every day. Each of the million bricks will represent a story where somebody has prayed to Jesus and this is the story of what happened after they prayed and what impact it had on their lives.”

Richard says his journey to embark on this venture began 13 years ago:

“I remember waking up one morning and felt God tell me that I should carry a cross around Leicestershire to help people think about Jesus during Easter. During that time, we worked out that 250,000 saw what I would no...

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