Brits in bits over weather

Brits in bits over weather

With more wintry weather scheduled for the weekend, the need to feel snug and warm indoors will again dominate the conversations of many families – with more than 60 per cent of us arguing over how hot the central heating needs to be.
Come rain or shine, Brits like nothing more than to talk about the weather, and the differences between genders always seems to surface when it comes to a conversation about the thermostat.

According to a survey of almost 3,000 respondents and published today by, 62 per cent of couples argue over heating – with spats occurring at least six times over the winter period.

Six out of ten men are usually responsible for starting a row – and 48 per cent of the heated exchanges revolving around the costs.
Alive and kicking
Researchers also discovered the Midlands is the hardiest region of the UK, with people living Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby the least likely to turn their thermostats up in the event of a cold snap.


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