Bond shaken and stirred

Bond shaken and stirred

Unbelievable as it may seem, James Bond has finally been defeated – not exactly left for dead, of course, more put bang in his place!
The bad guy is not a villain such as Dr No, Blofeld, Sir Hugo Drax, Scaramanga or Rosa Klebb. No, this time around it's a rather unpleasant character called Covid who has put our hero seriously on the backfoot.

On three occasions, the current global pandemic has put the unbreakable Mr Bond and the latest adventure, No Time to Die, firmly in their places.

Now the plan is for the latest blockbuster to hit the cinemas in early October, according to the official James Bond account on Twitter.

The film will be Daniel Craig's last appearance as the spy with style and there's no question the man has been outstanding in the role.

He will undoubtedly overcome whatever is thrown at him this time around, and the franchise looks set to run and run with one whacky rumour being that we may soon see a member of the BME community, or a female, playing Bond....

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