Behind the moustache

Behind the moustache

Onscreen, Tom Selleck has a reputation for playing reliable, straightforward men; but his life offscreen is a little more complex, proving that there is more to everyone’s favourite moustachioed actor than meets the eye.

Those growing up in the 80s will best remember actor Tom Selleck as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the eponymous hit TV show Magnum, P.I.; or perhaps it’s his charming turn in romantic comedy Three Men and a Baby and 1990 sequel Three Men and a Little Lady that resonates best when it comes to one of the industry’s most likeable guys.

Further roles as dashing ophthalmologist Dr Richard Burke in Friends and Commissioner Frank Reagan in CBS’s hit cop show Blue Bloods, followed, not to mention a brilliant portrayal of brave police chief Jesse Stone in the Hallmark film series based on Robert B. Parker’s crime novels.

Selleck has done the lot, and across multiple genres since securing his break at the ripe old age of 35 (by Hollywood standards, anyway) with ...

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