Beach body ready

Beach body ready

Your holiday is booked and the countdown is on for your time away in the sun and on the beach.

You’re imagining yourself as James Bond walking out of the sea in Casino Royale showing his six-pack. Unfortunately, you’re not quite there yet, but now is your time to start and get that body.

But where do I start, I hear you saying. Well, I will give you the help and advice that is needed to kick-start your personal transformation. But in simple, manageable ways that you can understand and use straight away.

1. Motivation

It all starts with a ‘wanting to do it’ mentality. It’s not easy. I am not saying that to get ‘Ripped’ it doesn’t take hard work and effort, because it does. And to do this, you need the motivation to do this for yourself and not someone else.

Picture in your mind the ideal body for you, and use this as your goal. You need to do this for yourself not anyone else as this will make it accountable to you. Accountability is huge in transformations as it keeps yo...

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